How do I Choose the Right Auto Technician?

Finding and establishing a trusted relationship with a good local auto technician shouldn’t be a daunting task. But sometimes it is. Whether they’re seeking automotive repairs, routine checkups or full-service maintenance, customers want the best service to keep their vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.

Jack Shields, owner of the family-owned and -operated Jax Auto and Tire in Crystal Lake, suggests several ways to search for a good auto technician.

“Do your homework first,” Shields says. “Go online and check out the Google and Facebook reviews about repair shops located close to your home or work. Real reviews will give you an idea of the most reputable companies.”

Word-of-mouth suggestions are a powerful tool. “Just ask your family or friends where they get their auto repairs done,” he says. “If they are wowed by the work, the results speak for themselves.”

With suggestions in hand, there are many signals to watch for when selecting a shop. Is the parking lot clean? Is the building exterior inviting and well-kept? How about the indoor amenities?

“As soon as a customer walks through our doors, they see we have a different environment here,” says Shields. “Our facility has a warm and welcoming area where our customers can relax. You aren’t going to be sitting between any tires while we’re working on your car.”

Jax Auto and Tire provides Wi-Fi and customer computers in a pleasant waiting room equipped with large tables, an in-house coffee bar, and a variety of free arcade, pinball and video games to play and pass the time away.

Of course, the most important gauge of a professional auto repair shop is the quality of the technicians who work on the cars. “Our auto technicians are all experienced and have earned the national ASE Blue Seal of Excellence certification,” says Shields. “That means they receive continued education and are highly skilled and properly trained. It’s a big benefit for all concerned.” ❚

Jax Auto and Tire is located at 5220 S. Illinois Route 31, Crystal Lake, (815) 526-3552.