Long-Lasting Solutions for a Cleaner Garage

While you’ve been stuck at home these past few months, you’ve probably seen a few spots in your home that need help.

The garage takes a lot of abuse, between the daily foot traffic, wear and tear from the cars, and the accumulated junk that gathers in every corner. It’s easy to put off this project, but with a little bit of the right help, it’s a job easily tackled.

The crew at American Garage Floor Systems, in Wauconda, has spent more than 15 years helping suburban families with durable, long-lasting garage floor coatings and organizational systems.

Don’t let the name fool you, though: the family-owned company serves a variety of settings, far beyond the family garage, applying its handiwork on basement floors, commercial settings, warehouses, professional kitchens and factories.

“We can rejuvenate the floor and make it look brand new,” says owner Tim Meade. “Especially now, our coatings are very easy to clean.”

The choices abound, with more than 20 types of flake patterns, as well as flat colors and custom decorative options like sports team logos. Gladiator brand garage organizers provide slat walls and sleek cabinets that help to maximize every inch of your garage’s limited space.

American Garage Floor Systems uses a low/no-odor finish that can be applied and ready for use within as little as 24 hours – more than half the time of a traditional epoxy floor. It’s also more durable than epoxy, says Meade, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Call for a free estimate or stop by the Wauconda showroom to see samples and a demonstration garage filled with organizational ideas. Sister company Reflections in Glass shares numerous other ideas for bathroom and home improvements inside the company’s showroom.

“We’re family-owned, and we’re going to be around for a long time,” says Meade. “A lot of companies in this industry are here today, gone tomorrow, but we strive for longevity. The people who install for us are employees, not subcontractors.” ❚

American Garage Floor Systems is located at 1160 N. Dato Lane, in Wauconda, (847) 382-3567, agschicago.com.