Mixing Wellness with Interior Design

For years, Vertical Interior Design and its sister company, Rieke Office Interiors, have been transforming offices and other commercial spaces into inspiring environments that encourage our best feelings and emotions.

Now, the Vertical Interior Design team is extending those same principles into the home with VID Lifestyle, a division focused on residential settings.

The full-service design firm can handle anything from simple interior makeovers to complex renovations, all tightly focused around each client’s lifestyles and their wellness.

Services include furniture, accessories and color selections all the way to more complex renovation projects.
“It’s not just providing decorations or selecting furnishings,” says Colleen Baader, senior vice president with Vertical Interior Design, in Elgin. “We want our design team to discuss how your home is your sanctuary, and we can provide a design to reflect that.”

Wellness-centered design focuses itself around three main aspects: lighting, color and organization.

Lighting changes the mood and the perceived size of a room. It must work with the color selections, room size, natural light and furniture selection.

Color choices impact the way a room looks and feels. Designers turn to distinct color palettes when preparing a room for calmness, energy, creativity and more.

Organization is also an important designing aspect. Even a clean room that has a jumble of styles and colors can overwhelm our emotions, says Baader.

Wellness-centered design begins with a simple question: What are your goals?

The process begins with a conversation and a walk-through of the home. Designers build a relationship with clients while also understanding their home’s aesthetic. In living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, closets – even garages – the possibilities are endless.

“My favorite Zen place in my home is my sunroom,” says Baader. “It has many windows that provide a lot of natural light, and it’s a peaceful place to read or have coffee with a friend.” ❚

Vertical Interior Design is located at 2000 Fox Lane, Elgin, (847) 760-8206.