DSI Opens New Location in Barrington

As founder of Dermatology Specialists of Illinois (DSI), Dr. Vic Khanna has locations in Algonquin and Woodstock, with a new office in Barrington.

“For many, there is the concept that, when you hear the word dermatologist, you think skin cancer surgery, moles, lipoma, skin rashes or acne,” he says. “Though that is a significant part of dermatology, our practice has grown to include a broad range of cosmetic dermatology treatments that include spa services such as Botox, injectable fillers, chemical peels and laser hair removal.”

Dr. Khanna believes in supporting the “feel good” part of health care, the idea that, when someone feels better about their appearance outwardly, it helps them feel better inwardly as well.

Dr. Khanna offers Mohs surgery, considered one of the most effective treatments for the removal of Basal Cell and Squamous Cell, the two most common skin cancers. The procedure is done in stages, removing layers of tissue, which are examined under a microscope until all cancerous cells are removed. The process spares healthy tissue and leaves the smallest possible scar.

All medical, surgical and cosmetic procedures are done at all three DSI locations. Additionally, the Barrington clinic offers vaginal rejuvenation. Some post-menopausal women have struggled with weakened vaginal muscles due to pregnancy and menopause, and they may experience urinary incontinence. For some women, this has affected so much of their life that they fear embarrassment of urinary incontinence and limit their daily activity, says Dr. Khanna. Vaginal rejuvenation offers these women a new lease on life.

“We are committed to making DSI a place where patients know they’ll be cared for in a warm and compassionate setting,” says Dr. Khanna. “Our patients are the cornerstone of our growth. It’s why we continue to grow our practice and offer options for innovative solutions and care.” ❚

Dermatology Specialists of Illinois is located at 22285 N. Pepper Road, Suite 407, Lake Barrington, (844) 307-7546. Also locations in Algonquin and Woodstock.