What to Know About Your Water System

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about, it’s your water. Having clean, accessible water in your home or business involves proper installation and maintenance, according to the experts at Affordable Water, in Belvidere.

“The biggest mistake people make with their in-home water systems is misapplication of equipment,” says Samantha Strobel, general manager at Affordable Water. Without proper installation, your water system is susceptible to permanent damage.

Installing a water treatment system is more complicated than many people think. The slightest mistake may result in hard water, staining or the introduction of bacteria and viruses. Misapplication due to inadequate installation can ruin both the equipment and the water. If you’re thinking about installing your own water system, you may be putting your system at higher risk of malfunction. Consider calling a professional water company to handle the entire process for you.

“We specialize in water purification equipment and chemical-free systems. We also offer a complete lineup of equipment for rental, leasing, residential, commercial accounts and more,” says Strobel. The family-owned business offers more than 35 years of experience.

“People commonly run into issues with their water softeners when they’re not keeping up with maintenance or when the system isn’t programmed properly,” says Strobel. Some types of water treatment systems need maintenance more often, and some require regular professional maintenance. Your water system will last longer if you rely on a company that can service all your needs.

“Affordable Water is an accredited business for the Better Business Bureau,” adds Strobel. “Consumers looking to install or repair a home water system should check with the Better Business Bureau to know they’re doing business with a reputable company.” ❚

Affordable Water is located in Belvidere and serves the entire Chicago area. Call (815) 544-0918 for more information.