A Common-Sense Approach to Remodeling

Advance Design Studio is approaching its 30th anniversary, but this complete home remodeling company actually traces its roots to more than a century ago.

In past lives, the building at 30 Railroad Street in Gilberts was a blacksmith shop and an auto mechanic’s shop.

It wasn’t until Todd Jurs began woodworking projects in his father’s garage that the seeds were planted for what would become an award-winning home renovation and design studio.

Todd founded Advance Builders Inc. in 1992 with a focus on contracting and construction of new homes and additions, eventually expanding to home remodels.

Along the way, Todd met and married Christine, a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a BFA in Architecture and Interior Design. “That’s where the chocolate met the peanut butter,” jokes Christine. Her experience in design paired perfectly with Todd’s experience as a carpenter and contractor.

It was a union that stood in juxtaposition with the industry. Traditionally, there has been a disconnect between the design side and the construction side of home remodeling, says Jurs. To Todd and Christine, that made little sense.

So, their firm has made its hallmark upon a process and philosophy called Common Sense Remodeling.

This approach eliminates confusion and miscommunication by including everyone in the conversation. Timelines, budgets and process are shared upfront.

Putting the process in place didn’t happen overnight, but it quickly proved its worth.

“Renovations can be a scary thing,” says Christine. “You’re opening your home to people who are going to tear it up and put it back together. We partner with our homeowners. We’re coming alongside you and making that realization come true. We’ve grown and we’ve innovated to the point where we’ve created a product that people want. And that product is the experience. We want our homeowners to say, ‘I enjoyed that’ and want to do it again.”

Advance Design Studio is located at 30 Railroad St., Gilberts, (847) 836-2600, AdvanceDesignStudio.com. ❚