Reduce Fading, Solar Heat with Glass Tint

Rays of sunshine are a welcome sight any day of the year, especially when you’re enjoying time outdoors.

Are you aware, though, that the glare of the sun and excessive light in your home can fade your curtains, furniture and decorative items, and it can even affect your home’s energy efficiency? Professional window tinting offers a low-cost solution while solving a few other problems, such as security and privacy.

“Window films extend the life of furniture by reducing fading and by blocking excessive glare on TV screens and computers,” says Jim Spizzirri, sales director for AAA Glass Tint in Crystal Lake. “Plus, decorative films can help with privacy needs and security problems.”

There are a wide variety of window films in the marketplace, from clear options that block only UV light to dark options like you’d see on a car, or decorative options with patterns and logos. Spizzirri and his team offer expert suggestions to homeowners who are unaware of the specifics.

“Solar Control Films are very clear, letting 80% of the visible light through, while rejecting 40% of the total solar energy,” he says. “There are other films that can reduce 95% of the light and reduce 79% of the total solar energy.”

The mission of AAA Glass Tint is to find the best solution for your home’s solar glare, UV protection, fade prevention, and heat reduction/retention problems. It’s been the top priority since this family-owned business opened in 1984.

“When homeowners call AAA Glass Tint, our team listens to the homeowners’ needs,” Spizzirri says. “Window films solve several problems homeowners have that are caused by the sun. Solar Control films are the most popular, as these films reduce heat and light and reduce fading. AAA Glass Tint is certified to install thicker security window films, too.”

Spizzirri encourages customers to ask questions, and they most often ask how long a film will last. Installation can typically be done in a few hours.

“Films are made to last. Many of our products have lifetime warranties for the original owner,” adds Spizzirri. “Homeowners will be delighted to know we have a range of products for all budgets.” ❚

AAA Glass Tint is located at 930 Pyott Road, Crystal Lake, (815) 216-4203.