A Different Approach to Knee Replacement

Sometimes, joint replacement is the only way to eliminate pain.

When surgery is the only option, Fox Valley Orthopedics (FVO) now offers an innovative approach that’s helping patients quickly return to their active lives.

Since early March, FVO’s ambulatory surgery center has been offering academic center-quality knee replacements using a surgical robot. This outpatient procedure is a radical departure from traditional methods.

“It allows us to plan for implant placement before making any cuts in the bone, although we still have to cut bone,” says Dr. Kenneth Chakour, FVO’s specialist in total joint replacement. “It’s all done in a format that allows me to execute the plan with less than a millimeter accuracy, so the idea is that we are becoming more accurate in placing components.”

How does he achieve such accuracy? Building on the minimal invasiveness of a robotic-assisted surgery, Chakour customizes each operation, implanting the replacement knee in a way that’s close to what was originally there. While it’s not a perfect match, the technique improves on the traditional, one-size-fits all approach.

“Now, what I’m seeing is patients are doing better and they’re bouncing back faster,” Chakour says.

In addition to new surgical approaches, patients can benefit from “pre-hab” routines, where a physical therapist consults before the operation, teaching patients what to expect during and after the surgery.

Prior to arriving at Fox Valley Orthopedics this winter, Chakour performed robotic-assisted knee replacements at the University of Chicago Medical Center and during his fellowship at University of Louisville. His academic-center experience is helping FVO to lead the way in health care innovations.

“We’re continuing to push the envelope,” he says. “We’re continuing to look for ways to improve and adapt to the environment we’re in, and that involves embracing new technology and changes to our field.”

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