Remodel for Your Changing Lifestyle

Three years ago, new kitchens and bathrooms were a top demand. These spaces were heavily used, and a showpiece made a strong impression when it came to selling the home.

“But since families are now spending more time at home due to lifestyle changes, we are seeing other areas of the home become areas of interest, as well,” says Anna Leimann, a designer at Advance Design Studio, in Gilberts. “They’re looking for smart storage as well as visual interest in other areas of the home because of the amount of time they’re spending there.”

In general, homeowners are looking to clean up and declutter their spaces. It’s especially true in the mudroom, where storage lockers, cubbies and benches keep everyone organized. Similar concepts work in the home office and basement.

Storage and decluttering are in very high demand in the kitchen, especially as people find themselves cooking more at home. Leimann learned to make sourdough with her extra time at home, and she finds many clients similarly need more pantry storage. Appliance garages contain clutter, while larder cabinets house a variety of functions.

Across the Chicago suburbs, home remodelers are seeing a distinctive departure from the long-lasting trend of “everything gray.” Pops of blues, greens and yellows add some cheerfulness to a home and introduce a calming effect. Sources of texture, like patterned backsplashes, add some fun and personality, as well.

“Homes are the place to relax with natural colors like whites, beiges and warm grays,” Leimann says. “We’ve seen a rise in pops of color and texture, so hopefully this is a glimpse of the optimism people are feeling.”

If you’re considering a remodel this year, plan ahead and be flexible. Contractors are spread thin, designers are in high demand, products are taking longer to ship, and costs are rising. Despite it all, there’s still good news.

“With the housing market booming right now, homeowners are seeing nice returns from remodels,” says Leimann.

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