Important Questions for Buying Windows

Do you suspect it’s time to replace the windows in your home? Perhaps you’re looking for something that’s more energy-efficient, or maybe you’re concerned about a foggy window. Or, maybe you’re just looking for an overall facelift.

Your end goal is one of the most important parts of the conversation when you first meet the experts at Simply Windows and Doors in Lake in the Hills. This family-owned business was founded in 1999 and has exclusively focused on window installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services. It also provides door sales and installation, as well as high-quality glass repair.

“Our first step is to find out your actual motivation for a change,” says Ron Strobel, general manager. “While we are in the business to provide and install high-quality and energy-efficient windows, we have also found that sometimes all a customer really needs is a simple repair or new glass. Every home is different, and we want to make sure that a customer truly understands what they are purchasing.”

When digging deeper, Strobel asks even more questions about the home’s current windows and their energy efficiency. And, he educates customers about the differences in the most common window styles: casement and double-hung.

Knowing the difference helps. Double-hung are traditional vertical-style windows. They remain popular among homeowners. Casement windows offer a contemporary style as one side swings out, while the other side is stationary.

The Simply Windows showroom highlights these windows, and the staff can help a customer to understand the benefits of each brand it carries, including Weather Shield, Lincoln, Polaris and Windsor.

Due to the company’s long-term relationships with several well-known manufacturers, Simply Windows is contracted to directly handle window warranty repairs.

“Our company does not just insert windows but concentrates on providing full window installation,” says Strobel. “We take pride in installing windows the proper way, and we offer competitive pricing for our work.”

Simply Windows and Doors is located at 9235 S. Ill. Rt. 31 in Lake in the Hills, (847) 496-0954.