Ask the Right Questions Before Plastic Surgery

Almost everyone looks in the mirror and wonders about making an unappealing feature go away. Cosmetic surgery is a safe and reliable option but, like all medical procedures, it should be approached with careful consideration. From minor work, like Botox and filler injections, to major procedures like facelifts, reductions or augmentations, the more you know, the more positive your outcome will be.

“I always recommend people start by getting some opinions,” says Dr. Phil Lambruschi, a plastic surgeon with more than 40 years of experience. “Most plastic surgeons don’t charge for consultations.”

Lambruschi’s practice, Valley Plastic Surgery, in West Dundee, offers a free consultation to potential patients. It’s a chance for Lambruschi and the patient to connect and establish a plan. This consultation is also a great time to ask questions about the work and whether it’s the right work to do.

Lambruschi emphasizes the importance of thinking long-term. Many of the minor procedures, like Botox or fillers, last only a few months and require frequent trips to the clinic for upkeep.

“I see a lot of clients who think that Botox or fillers are a ‘facelift in a syringe,’ and they’re not,” he says. “In some cases, a full facelift is better than a number of minor procedures.”

Lambruschi also points out that it’s best to stay realistic. “If you’re 61 years old, you’re never going to get back to looking 21,” he says. “But we will try to make you look great for your age.”

Most clinics, Valley Plastic Surgery included, offer a variety of financing options. For work that’s covered by medical insurance, check to see if your prospective surgeon works with your carrier. Insurance may also determine where the procedure takes place.

By sitting with your surgeon, listening carefully to your options, and expressing your goals, looking in the mirror can be a much more rewarding experience. It’s always good to have knowledge under your belt before going under the knife.

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