For Glass Accents, You Have Many Options

It’s sleek, it’s modern and it’s versatile. Glass is often a go-to choice for shower doors, and it’s also becoming a top seller for other accents in a home remodel.

“It really opens up your space,” says Tim Meade, owner of Reflections in Glass, in Wauconda. “About 90 percent of the glass we do in homes is clear, so it really opens up the room and makes it seem larger.”

While you’ll see glass used in everything from bathrooms to stairways, perhaps the most common starting point is the enclosed shower, a popular replacement for those old soaker tubs.

The frameless enclosure is loved for its minimal look, but frame designs are still well-liked and can range from the understated to the industrial black grid.

You’ll want some door hardware to complement, and the most common look is simple, with an understated hinge and metal handle.

Because you’ll want those metal accents to complement your plumbing fixtures, Reflections in Glass also carries a full line of Kohler products, including plumbing fixtures, faucets and mirrors.
Whether they want a simple hanging mirror or a larger piece of plate glass, many homeowners are excited by the new “antique” look found in more traditional bathrooms. A clouding effect within the glass replicates the inconsistencies of old-fashioned mirrors and makes a solid complement to an ornate wooden frame.

Of course, you’ll also have your choice of glass finishes. Clear is what you’ll see most often, but there are also choices for patterned, tinted, and obscured privacy glass – even custom options that can be digitally replicated. All shower glass comes with a special nonstick coating that makes it easier to clean.

The team at Reflections in Glass brings more than 35 years of experience in designing, fabricating and installing custom options. Meade encourages a visit to the showroom, where vignettes provide just a sample of what’s possible.

“We stay ahead of the trends,” says Meade. “We’re also family-owned and we rely on quick service as well as quick turnaround of quality products.”

The Reflections in Glass showroom is located at 1160 N. Dato Lane, Wauconda, (815) 205-0297.