How Permanent Lighting Enhances a Home

Plenty of things can enhance the outside look of your home, but few can impact its appearance as much as exterior lighting.

“We can light up your entire house and accent your eaves and peaks with downlighting,” says Patrick Chlada, owner of Trimlight Chicago, a patented permanent exterior lighting system. “Think about it this way: You pay all this money for your home, and when nighttime comes, nobody sees it. Now, we can have your home lit up and visible so you can enjoy it in the evenings.”

Aesthetics matter, but there are also other, more practical reasons why extra lighting is a wise investment – including added security.

Trimlight was founded in 2010 as an alternative to temporary, seasonal lighting outdoors. Since Chlada launched Trimlight Chicago in 2017, he’s been helping people transform their homes with permanent, programmable architectural lighting that works for daily use and special occasions, including gatherings and holidays like the Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas. The lights display almost every color and are controlled from Trimlight’s custom smartphone app. They can also sync with music.

Trimlight’s patented product is installed along a home’s fascia, where the lights point downward while adding extra illumination around the structure.

“It adds another depth to the architecture of your house,” says Chlada. “These look like a crown molding on your house. People pay a lot of money for crown molding.”

Permanent lighting has several advantages over temporary, seasonal products. Chlada believes return on investment is one of the strongest benefits.

“Most of our clients are paying for professional lights to be installed every year,” he says. “Look at what you’re paying now and in 3.5 years you can pay for Trimlight. You’ll not only have holiday and color-changing lights but you’ll have them all year-round with a 40-year warranty.”

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