Is Your Brick Patio or Walkway Built to Last?

Have you envisioned a change in your outdoor space to optimize summertime fun? Are you dreaming about a new brick patio to entertain family and friends or a knock-out front walkway? Now is the time to move forward.

As you’re planning this year’s big landscaping projects, consider some of the state-of-the-art approaches landscapers are employing to ensure their work looks great for years to come.
“Brick pavers are more popular than ever, and the sky is the limit when selecting colors and shapes to define a head-turning walkway and patio,” says Joe Runde, owner of Runde’s Landscape Contractors in Elgin. “We offer our expertise to help our clients plan a design that fits their lifestyles.”

Runde’s Landscape Contractors has received major recognitions from UNILOCK, the technology leader in the paver industry, for its award-winning landscape designs and projects in the Fox Valley area.

The process of installing brick has gone up a notch lately. For the past seven years, Runde’s team has been using the GatorTile System, which is installed underneath brick pavers.

What’s the GatorTile System all about? The system employs a very sturdy 1-inch hard foam – a dense, lightweight polypropylene. The foam tile helps to stabilize the patio or walkway, it reduces the amount of stone needed for a project, and it also impacts the amount of freezing and thawing that occurs below the pavers in winter, says Runde.

“Plus, the black edging no longer heaves above the pavers,” he adds. “The look is clean, it’s sturdy, and most importantly, it lasts.”

Runde and his employees take part in specialized, hands-on training sessions each winter to learn about new products and the most up-to-date installation techniques. These experiences are pivotal to keeping them on the cutting edge.

“GatorTile has completely revolutionized the industry and the installation process, which is quicker without compromising the base of the project,” Runde says. “It makes a tremendous difference in paver support. It’s definitely the future and is here to stay.”

Runde’s Landscape Contractors is located at 9N299 Ill. Rt. 47, in Elgin, (847) 464-5056.