Set Apart the Kitchen with a Stone Surface

Dave Hammerl has discovered many paths to success as president of Stonecrafters, in Lakemoor. But there’s one thing above all others that has helped this specialist in custom marble, granite and hard surfaces to stay in business for more than 25 years.

“You must take care of your customers,” he says. “You have to make sure you tell them the truth, and you have to tell them what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it.”

Serving all of the Chicago area and beyond, Stonecrafters maintains a Lakemoor showroom and production center that’s filled with natural stone and quartz countertop products. The elegant, brightly lit showroom displays the latest trends and designs.

Stonecrafters carries more than 200 varieties of granite and quartz, each with its own benefits and design needs.

“It’s kind of like the anchor of the whole kitchen, believe it or not,” Hammerl says. “You prepare your food on it, it holds the sink, it holds the faucet and it holds the cooktop. The countertop is one part of the kitchen that’s used over and over again.”

Hammerl’s dedicated workers are trained to value precision – an important consideration when preparing stone.

They’re aided by several cutting-edge tools, most notably computer-aided design (CAD) and digital templating, which uses a laser to create precise measurements and truly accurate installation dimensions. These tools can help to avoid common issues, such as a crooked cut or incorrect measurements – both of which can happen during a home remodel. Digital templating provides accurate and reliable measurements because it accounts for the exact conditions present.

“The tools and technology that we’ve installed have made us jump three or four levels higher than most other companies out there right now,” Hammerl says. “We’ve received some great feedback, and customers love the work that we do. Communication and quality of work win every time.”

Stonecrafters is located at 430 W. Wegner Road, Lakemoor, (815) 363-8730.