Better Lighting Begins with Smart Design

Good lighting adds many benefits to a home’s exterior. Increased security, beautified landscaping and expanded outdoor living spaces are just the beginning. Whether you’re trying to deter unwanted intruders, show off your gardens at night or illuminate your party pad, great outdoor lighting is essential. So is your starting point

“Always start with the design,” says Patrick Chlada, owner of Trimlight Chicago, a patented permanent exterior lighting system. “You can go out and buy cheap lights at the store and just plug them in, but they’ll only last a few years. You want to know where and what to accent and what will look good, so having a layout design is No. 1.”

Because hundreds of exterior lighting products exist, it’s difficult for the average homeowner to know the difference. Experts in landscaping and home lighting are therefore a powerful tool to achieving the right design for the right cost.

With Trimlight’s patented, permanent lighting system, designers establish key areas to illuminate, whether that’s the home’s eaves, patios or accents. Their expertise helps to avoid some of the common hazards of those who don’t have experience in the field. Common pitfalls include poor accents, incorrect angles, inappropriate voltage, and lights that point in all directions – what Chlada calls “glare bombs.”

“There are ways to prevent that, based on design techniques,” says Chlada.

For starters, lights need to be in the right location, where they adequately illuminate some focal point, like a sidewalk or a tree, he adds. Knowing how much light is needed can also make a difference. Finally, if there’s a larger focal point, like a large tree, try layering multiple types of lights to create depth and dimension.

“Defining the house and finding good locations with the right product is key,” says Chlada. “If the angles are wrong and you just buy the generic set, you’re not going to get the look you want.”

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