Tips for a Successful Start to Your Remodel

One of the most important decisions in a remodel involves who you hire.

For many homeowners, the choice is easy: design-build firms bring design and construction in-house with a quoting process upfront. Perhaps the biggest advantage to firms like Hogan Design & Construction, in Geneva, is that there’s little guesstimating.

“We have the ability to really understand your pricing. That’s a huge advantage,” says Brad Hogan, COO. “A lot of contractors doing the three-bid process are putting allowances into everything. So, there’s an allowance for cabinets and countertops and backsplashes and faucets and lighting. What happens is that every time your selection goes over the allowance, your project costs get higher.”

That’s not as likely with design-build because every step of the process is closely managed by a cohesive team.

When clients call for a consultation, Hogan makes an at-home visit. He asks lots of questions – what works in the home, what doesn’t, what needs do you have? Based on those answers, he can share common price points that reflect past jobs. If clients like what they see, then it’s time to sign a design contract, which kicks off the process of selecting materials and laying out the kitchen, bathroom or other space. There’s also a walk-through involving Hogan, a project manager and several tradesmen, who review the scope of labor. Then, it’s time for the final quote.

It’s important to hire the right remodeling firm for your needs, and there are several signals that you’re in good hands, says Hogan. Communication and collaboration are top of mind.

When the Hogan Design & Construction team was approached by a Wheaton couple with unusual design tastes, Hogan’s team landed the job in part by putting the client first.

“They had interviewed several design firms, but they chose us because we told them, ‘We can push our taste onto your project, but if that’s not what you want, that’s not what we’re going to do,’” recalls Hogan. “We’re going to do what you want so that it fits your taste.”

Hogan Design & Construction is located at 21 N. Sixth St. in Geneva.