Keep Your Kitchen’s Chaos Under Control

There’s an ongoing debate in the remodeling world: Are drawers better storage devices than cupboards? To many designers, drawers are currently the undisputed champion due to their visibility and accessibility, more efficient use of space and healthier ergonomics. Anna Leimann, lead project designer with Advance Design Studio, in Gilberts, considers drawers a storage solution of choice.

“Gone are the days when people are digging into cabinets or trying to get into blind corner cabinets, where you can’t see,” she laughs. “We’re finding that pull-out drawers offer a great storage solution.”

To Leimann, drawers simply do more when it comes to space optimization. They offer a bird’s eye view of their contents, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for. Unlike cupboards, drawers are as easy to see in the back as the front, and they’re just as easy to reach. Best of all, you can remove a drawer when it’s time for a deep clean.

Leimann sees drawers appearing in every size and shape. Spice drawers are replacing spice racks and counter-dwelling spinners. Toe-kick drawers are becoming popular as a handy space save at floor level.

“A toe kick drawer has a magnetic catch that you open with your toe,” says Leimann. “You can place cookie sheets or pans in there. You’re utilizing all of your space, every nook and cranny in your kitchen.”

Another great advantage to drawers is their ease at keeping items organized. Add dividers, trays or containers to create dedicated spaces within the drawer.

“The more organized you can be, the better,” Leimann says. “It just makes life much easier.”
Leimann’s quest to create the most organized kitchen possible has led her down many paths, including rethinking the kitchen sink, proving that organizational solutions are everywhere.

“We’ve seen an increase in sink workstations, where you have a utensil caddy, a produce strainer or a drying rack all built into the kitchen sink,” she says. “I’ve been really enjoying that because I really hate seeing dishes on the counter.”

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