The Details that Help You Love Your Home

Having accessories and decor you love can make all the difference in how you feel about your living space.

“A well-organized, well-executed interior design is crucial to one’s outlook and state of mind,” says Robert Madden, furniture design consultant at Benson Stone Co., in Rockford. “One’s home environment should evoke feelings of delight, comfort and satisfaction. I tell clients if you don’t love it, it’s not right.”

Interior decor includes “everything,” Madden adds. From rugs to bookshelves, each piece plays a crucial role in a room’s overall aesthetic.

The thing most people neglect, which makes a huge difference to the warmth of a room, is artworks.

“Bare walls make a room look flat and cold,” he explains. “Art is so important. After that, in my opinion, would be texture and color.”

Accessories can include anything that looks interesting, such as repurposed objects, sculptures, ceramics, glass pieces and more. The most effective accessories are things with a personal connection.

At Benson Stone, Madden and his teammates help clients to coordinate, strategize and execute an entire plan for their home in one place. The one-stop shop covers all elements of remodeling and decorating from start to finish.

“I listen to what their preferences are and then begin to suggest things that speak to that,” Madden says. “In this way, we begin to narrow down choices based on what they like, staying away from focusing on what they don’t like.” 

Madden has the following advice for those seeking to redesign or redecorate. First, find a design professional who will listen to your preferences. Talk with them about how you live and what’s important to you. Then, listen to your designer because they have insights and options you might not have considered.

“I enjoy creating an environment for clients that best represents them and the way they live,” Madden says. “Our personal environments should uplift us and inspire us to live and be better. So, however I can contribute to that excites me. One’s home is the foundation of one’s personal experience. Invest in it. Love it, and it will nurture you.”

Benson Stone Co. is located at 1100 11th St. in Rockford, (815) 227-2000.