Cozy Up a Space with the Right Accessories

Not everyone needs to completely remodel their home to improve a room. Many times, a space just needs an aesthetic update, and new furniture and/or accessories are just the trick.

“A lot of times when we get somebody in, they pretty much know what kind of look they want,” says Robert Wozniak, owner of Strode’s Furniture in Huntley. “However, they don’t always know colors for accents, or things like that. We can help them make selections.”

In addition to owning the store, Wozniak personally seeks out high-quality decor and accessories.

“We have a large selection of artwork, clocks and accessories for tables and hutches and things like that,” Wozniak says. “It’s not the usual stuff you would find at some of the bigger stores. When we buy things, we try to be a bit more selective.”

Wall decorations, table arrangements, area rugs and other decorative touches can add a warmer feeling to a space and give it a homier impression.

Right now, Wozniak says he’s seeing more brushed brass being used to finish accessories, especially when it comes to fixtures like hanging lights or table lights. Brushed brass has a more matte look than polished brass. “And it goes with pretty much any stain color on furniture,” he adds.

Wozniak advises against doing everything at one time. He suggests getting the main pieces in a room and then accessorizing around those pieces.

“I say that because sometimes you have to live with something for a little bit to get a feel for how it sits in your room,” he says.

For those who need a little guidance, Strode’s Furniture can connect customers with interior designers who do entire projects from start to finish. But when customers know what they want, they can also ask Wozniak or his staff for assistance. Either way, Wozniak loves to see the final product.

“When we have someone help with decorating, we always ask the customer if they can send or bring in a picture of what the room is like when it’s finished,” Wozniak says. “We love seeing how it all turns out.”

Strode’s Furniture is located at 11707 Main St. in Huntley, (847) 669-3500.