Take a Proactive View on Pond Management

Springtime brings the eagerly awaited sights and scents of the season, but it also ushers in unwelcomed growth in ponds, lakes and waterways.

T.J. McCloud, CEO of McCloud Aquatics in Elburn, emphasizes the importance of early prevention when it comes to aquatic weeds and algae.

“Maintaining a healthy water system requires proactive effort, as there is no quick fix once the situation deteriorates,” he says. “Addressing the problem promptly can save homeowners considerable time, money and effort, as cleanup can take four to six weeks when the situation becomes severe.”

A family-owned and operated business since 1904, McCloud Aquatics has provided service for aquatic vegetation control since 1962. It covers the Chicago area, northern and central Illinois, and southern Wisconsin.

Around this region, one of the most common problems for ponds and lakes is algae. It’s regarded as a nuisance vegetation that takes many forms, all of which can overtake water.

These growths usually arise as the result of nutrient imbalances. An excess of phosphorus and nitrogen will promote growth in algae and large aquatic plants, which then reduces oxygen levels and water clarity. “Be on the lookout for blue-green algae,” McCloud adds. “If you are unsure, call us.”

McCloud Aquatics manages ponds and lakes with organic products that are safe for the environment and in accordance with federal regulations. Each applicator is licensed through the state.

New customers should start with water and sediment testing to develop a comprehensive management plan, says McCloud. He also recommends services such as bathymetry mapping to assess pond conditions from the bottom up.

A pond manager’s work may include submerged weed control, shoreline vegetation management, duckweed and watermeal control, water enhancement, bacteria-driven dredging programs, full-season management programs, pond and lake aeration, fish stocking and fisheries management, shoreline restoration, lake mapping and wildlife management.

McCloud Aquatics is located at 705 E. North St., in Elburn, (847) 891-6260, mccloudaquatics.com.