Asphalt or Stone Drive? For Some, It’s Both

With choices like decorative asphalt and durable paver stones, it’s easy to dress up a home’s entrance in a hurry.

Perhaps the easiest place to revitalize a home driveway is with a fresh sealcoat. Of course, it restores that slate-black appearance to a driveway, but it has other benefits. Because it smooths the surface of asphalt, sealcoat makes the drive easier to sweep and plow, and it resists things like gas, oil and road salts.

“Best of all, properly sealed asphalt will more than double the life of your pavement,” says Megan Miller, marketing manager for Kaplan Paving, in Ingleside.

Once cracks, ruts and damage place a driveway’s condition beyond repair, it’s time to look at replacement. Traditionally, asphalt and concrete were always top-of-mind, but with recent advancements in asphalt, this product has risen to the top of many families’ preferences.

For one thing, asphalt tends to be one of the most affordable and cost-effective options in the long run, says Miller.

It’s durable enough for boats and RVs, and it’s a fairly flexible material. It also adapts well with fluctuations in temperature and moisture, as happens commonly in the Midwest.

Asphalt is by no means the only choice. Durable paver stones, like those produced by Unilock, create attractive surfaces on everything from driveways and walkways to retaining walls, pool decks and outdoor kitchens. A homeowner can use them across the whole drive or create a “ribbon” of bricks to frame an asphalt stretch.

What product is right for your home? Miller believes there are nine essential factors to selecting the right surface. It starts with budget, durability and design, but it’s also important to consider factors like drainage, timeline and personal preference.

Perhaps the most important factor, though, is whom you hire, because disreputable companies proliferate in this industry. Kaplan Paving has stood by its work since 1979.

“When you hire the right people, you ensure quality workmanship and timely completion on your job,” says Miller.

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