Rockford Nephrology Associates

Nephrology is the medical specialty that diagnoses and treats diseases of the kidneys. Kidney disease affects one in seven people (approximately 37 million) in the United States and may result from causes such as diabetes, hypertension, polycystic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, or obstructions of the urinary tract.

The most well-known function of the kidneys is to form urine containing waste from the body, which is the filtration function. Kidneys are also responsible for certain hormone secretion, which can affect the production of red blood cells and promote absorption of calcium. Kidneys also help with fluid and acid-base balance, blood pressure control and glucose production. Therefore, anemia, high blood pressure, Vitamin D deficiency, and fluid and electrolyte imbalances are also monitored and treated by the nephrology team.

At Rockford Nephrology Associates, our board-certified nephrologists and nurse practitioners provide consultative services and follow-up visits which, along with lab and radiology testing, help to diagnose kidney disease and determine the best-quality treatment options. Education is key to understanding the disease and for preparing to make treatment choices at each stage.

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