Timing is Everything for Countertops

Pop quiz: When is the best time to shop for stone countertops? Answer: When you order your cabinets.

This approach ensures you can speed to the front of the line, says Dave Hammerl, owner of Stonecrafters in Lakemoor.

“The best jobs are organized way in advance,” he says. “We know what the client wants, they’ve put down a deposit, we have their information, and once we take measurements we can perform at a higher level because everything is ready to go.”

Perhaps the best way to shop for a countertop is to bring in a “vision board” with samples of cabinetry, paint, flooring and tile backsplash. Seeing these details together with a stone helps homeowners to narrow down their choices.

Once the stone is chosen and the cabinets are measured – Stonecrafters uses a high-tech laser for precise dimensions – Hammerl invites clients to take one last look at the material they’ve chosen. This ensures clients get exactly what they want.

Stone comes in many varieties, and while granite, quartz and quartzite are some of the most popular choices, experienced stone dealers can offer many alternatives and ideas through the shopping process. If they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, they also know how to find something for the right price.

This is why it’s important to find the right stone dealer, says Hammerl, because not all companies place the same emphasis on quality results. Stonecrafters separates itself from competitors by focusing on skilled installers and computer-controlled tools. He backs it up with a commitment to the customer, as reflected in the more than 200 five-star reviews he’s received online.

“Some firms might tell a customer they’ll get a prize or a gift card, or a percentage off the job with a good rating. You can usually spot those because there’s no verbiage to the review,” says Hammerl. “But our customers are so impressed and pleased that they take the time to write good things about their experience.”

Stonecrafters is located at 430 W. Wegner Road, in Lakemoor. To schedule an appointment, call (815) 363-8730.