A Barn Full of Surprises at Ginger Blossom

It’s pretty common to feel surprised when you visit Ginger Blossom. Situated on a Richmond farm that’s been in the same family for three generations, this store is overflowing with the unexpected.

Ethnic and traditional handicrafts, rugs, furniture, sweaters, jewelry, textiles, garden art, and antiques are at-the-ready. They’re stirring creative ideas for unique home decorating and gifts.

Some customers come with a vision. Most do not.

“What you see here, you didn’t even know it existed,” says owner Ginger Blossom. “You can’t look it up online. That’s what makes it very exciting for us and our customers.”

Blossom has traveled extensively in search of the most wonderful and unusual items she can find. Through her personal contacts with crafters in India, Thailand, Mexico, and other countries around the world, she buys directly from the producers at a fair price. Sustainable products and ecological sensitivity are of maximum importance to her.

Reclaimed wood has become the worldwide design material of choice. The barn is filled with furniture from Thailand, Mexico and India. “Boats are being washed up onto the shore from the devastating tsunami in Western Java years ago,” says Blossom, “and the wood is now being preserved and recycled into beautiful furniture.”

Also big right now is live-edge acacia wood furniture from Thailand. “We just received stunning acacia live-edge tables with black metal legs that will blend in with any decor,” says Blossom.

The most popular items are hair accessories, jewelry and furniture, but textiles from India are trending, too. “We’re so pleased that people who don’t even know us yet are just blown away when they stop by and see all that we have,” says Blossom. “It’s just as exciting as when we receive containers from around the world.” ❚

Ginger Blossom is located at 3016 Ill. Rt. 173, Richmond, (815) 678-4015.