Live Better by Facing Your Tech Fears

Barbara Reynolds, 68, is living proof that it’s not only healthy, but also helpful, to face your fears.

Not long ago, she was well aware of the many technological advances around her but wasn’t willing to take the leap of pursuing them. But when the rising cost of her “bundled” telephone, television, internet and home security systems were getting out of control, she had no other choice but to look for a better way.

That’s when she sought out the services of Charles Zambrano, owner and general manager of EZ Satellite and Wireless, who has built his business around helping people save money.

Reynolds cut her bills in half. A year later, she bought a Nest programmable thermostat and video doorbell with motion-activated alerts, and an Alexa, which is an Amazon Echo voice-activated device – all of which can be monitored and controlled from her smartphone.

It was a lot of change for her, but with Zambrano’s help, she found out how much better life can be.

“So many people are afraid of change, but they don’t realize how easy it is to make a change, save money and live a more comfortable life,” says Zambrano. “We take our customers by the hand and walk them through the whole process.”

Reynolds admits it was a frightening experience, at first.

“I was very nervous, but these upgrades have made my life so much better,” she says. “The Nest thermostat learns your comfort levels, the video doorbell lets you know when a package is delivered, and you can talk with someone at your door when you’re not home. Alexa tells me the weather forecast, orders online and makes phone calls, plays music, finds a recipe, and reminds me to give my dog his medicine. All I can think of now is just how amazing it is and how everything works together. I feel so much more in control of my life, and I don’t worry as much. Once you learn what you need to know, it’s easy.”

EZ Satellite & Wireless is an authorized Dish Network retailer and is licensed to offer services from a long list of other providers. ❚

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