Make the Garage Functional Again

Your garage is practically your front door. But it’s also one of the messiest and most easily forgotten spaces in your home. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Overhead storage maximizes wasted space, and wall-mounted systems make quick work of the remaining mess.

Garage Store, in East Dundee, specializes in Gladiator Garageworks, a storage system that includes cabinets, modular wall systems and tons of hooks for ensuring everything has its place. Because the brand is owned by Whirlpool, the line also includes refrigerators built especially for the extreme heat and cold of a garage. They blend right in with the built-for-tough metal cabinetry.

“You get what you pay for with the Gladiator product line,” says Jim Melchert, owner of Garage Store. “And what we like about it is wall cabinets can handle 300 pounds, and cabinets on wheels are rated at almost 1,000 pounds. Our product is good in mechanic shops, homes, just about any place.”

With a garage makeover comes a refreshed floor, and Melchert’s team specializes in durable, long-lasting polymer-based floor coatings. They come in many colors and applications, and they can range from a simple polish to a sleek floor that sets the tone for a man cave garage.

The process begins with a free consultation. Then, it’s time to design solutions that are on-budget and fit the client’s goals, whether that’s cleaning the garage so it’s more functional or transforming it into another room of the house where you can entertain.

While it might be tempting to make this a DIY job, if you factor in labor, materials and time, the cost is roughly the same as a professional – and the quality and warranty are better, says Melchert.

He usually budgets three to four days to install a concrete coating system. The first day involves concrete preparation and repairs, the second day is for applying the base coat and flake system, and the third day is for the finishing topcoat. The final result is stunning.

“I understand the garage is sometimes not a high priority, but your garage is like a front door or entrance to your home,” says Melchert. “It’s best to have it organized and presentable.” ❚

Garage Store is located at 1082 Rock Road Lane, East Dundee, (847) 428-8862.