Planning a Remodel? Don’t Delay this Year

Time is of the essence. It’s so cliché, but in today’s market it’s totally true. Remodeling and home improvement experts are predicting a blowout year.

“The residential industry is poised and already in motion for one of its busiest years,” says Christine Jurs, co-owner of Advance Design Studio, in Gilberts. “That’s why it’s really important to get started.”

Demand is rising, and it’s creating more pressure on manufacturers to keep up pace. In fact, many are producing on-demand, says Jurs, meaning your order is being built just ahead of delivery.

The problem is especially pronounced in the electronics industry, where manufacturers are struggling to get certain parts from overseas. This is leading to delivery delays and price increases.

When it comes to home exterior improvements, the industry is seeing the biggest delays in products like siding, windows, decking and lumber, says Jurs. Indoors, the biggest challenges are with appliances, because many manufacturers were derailed while making ventilators and protective gear last year.

Experienced and reputable home remodelers can anticipate these sorts of challenges and collaborate with their vendors to provide solutions.

At Advance Design Studio, a team of designers and contractors remain committed to a process that ensures every step of the remodel goes smoothly, from concept and design to final sign-off.

This Common Sense Remodeling process begins with a consultation, as client and designer flesh out the big ideas. Next, the designer comes back with a concept and a detailed budgetary breakdown that includes options for various budgets. Lately, this step may also include in-person or virtual meetings to go over samples and ideas. Jurs says she’ll even deliver sample packages for those who prefer a virtual appointment

“I would get going sooner than later,” Jurs adds. “If you want a space that’s usable this year, I would get your project going right away so your design team has time to procure all of the materials that you’ll need.” ❚

Advance Design Studio is located at 30 Railroad St., Gilberts, (847) 836-2600,