For the Love of Art in the Park

As spring emerges in the Fox Valley, the landscape of Mt. St. Mary Park in St. Charles presents a striking and engaging sculpture exhibition against the backdrop of nature’s seasonal beauty.

Visitors of all ages and interests enjoy this free, outdoor art gallery nestled among the maples, oaks and pines of a shady arboretum and with the tranquil Fox River as its eastern border.

The park is home to 12 permanent pieces and another 10 to 15 sculptures in an annual exhibit that runs from May to September. Sculptural masterpieces are original works made in various media by sculptors from our area and all over the country.

Created from bronze, rusted metal, steel, found objects, scrap metal and more, each piece of art provokes an array of emotions that are as varied as the artist’s inspiration.

The winding path through the park offers perfect views of artistic diversity, whether you’re a walker, biker, jogger or inline skater. Many families will spread out a blanket for a picnic and relax among the sculptures. The park also features a multi-use playground with high slide tower and flushable restrooms. The combination of these park amenities, the park’s natural beauty, and the unique works of art creates a relaxing environment for everyone’s enjoyment.

As a joint project of the St. Charles Park Foundation and the St. Charles Park District, the sculpture program strives to provide striking sculptural works with substantial breadth and depth in both subject matter and media for audiences to discuss, think about and enjoy.

Sculpture in the Park raises awareness of the sculptural arts and the beautiful parks in downtown St. Charles. ❚

Mt. St. Mary Park is located on Prairie Street east of Ill. Rt. 31. Contact St. Charles Park District at (630) 513-6200.