Achieve the Dream with an Interior Designer

Right now is a good time to start thinking about easy projects like updating furniture and accessories or tackling that messy closet.

It’s an even easier job when you turn to an expert who knows how to make the room reflect who you are and how you want to feel.

By hiring an interior designer, you’re investing in someone with a sharp, creative mind to help make your living space more functional, beautiful and personal.

Colleen Baader has been an interior designer for 27 years. At VID Lifestyle, in Elgin, she collaborates with clients to achieve their dream space, whether that means interior renovations, exterior renovations or new construction.

The goal is to figure out how a client wants to feel in their home, and then execute that feeling.

When Baader meets with clients, she likes to ask about their lifestyle. Do they entertain often? Do they have children or grandchildren? The answers to these and other questions will impact what materials she suggests.

“We’ll have clients who have a very hectic life, and when they come home, they just want it to be Zen,” she says. “So, we’re going to choose a palette and materials that give that feeling.”

At the beginning of each project, it’s imperative for Baader to see her client’s home. This helps tremendously when drafting up a design proposal.

Once a client is comfortable with the proposal, the fun begins. VID Lifestyle designers provide options for flooring, wall treatments, lighting, cabinetry and accessories. They also provide renderings to help the client visualize their design. Once the design palette is decided, they price all elements and assess lead times. Then, they place orders. VID Lifestyle offers complete remodeling services.

“We want your home to reflect who you are and how you want your space to feel,” says Baader. “This is more than just furniture and accessories; it is more about your lifestyle.” ❚

VID Lifestyle is located at 2000 Fox Lane, in Elgin, (847) 760-8206.