Extend the Outdoor Season with a Sunroom

As nice as those outdoor living spaces are, they’re much less appealing when fall sets in. An attractive three-season or four-season room brings together the beauty of the outdoors with the functionality of an entertainment space, all with a very practical purpose.

“You’re bringing the comforts of the indoors into the outdoor environment, which has lots of benefits – the light, the warm weather, the fresh air,” says Christine Jurs, co-owner of Advance Design Studio, in Gilberts.
A three-seasons room is perfect for summer, and a few modifications make it functional for spring and fall. A few more modifications make it a year-round space.

There are many amenities that extend your enjoyment of these rooms.

Retractable windows stack on one another and can slide up or down, depending on the weather. They block out cold air and rain, but because this is a semi-outdoor space, they’re not made to be completely weather-proof, says Jurs.

Ceiling fans are a good idea, because they help to circulate fresh air. Wet bars, kitchens, and custom electronics, including weather-safe TVs, make the space more comfortable and useful.

And then, there’s Jurs’ favorite add-on: the fireplace. These specially built units can extend the life of a three-seasons room well into the cold months. Put up the windows, crank the fire and enjoy roughly 10-12 months of comfort.

To get started, understand what you want from this space before approaching a designer. Think about where it will go, because the size, slope of your roof lines and position of your yard will dictate what’s possible.

While the outside of the structure should fit in with your home’s architecture and color scheme, anything goes on the inside. Stone flooring and heavy-beam construction are a few popular choices that bring natural elements indoors.

“They want it to look like a cabin in the woods or the lodge they always visit in Colorado,” says Jurs. “They want to bring a little bit of that home. And this is part of their home.” ❚

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