Get Your Golf Fix all Winter at Pottawatomie

The hawk may be blowing and the snow falling, but that’s no excuse to forego playing a round of golf at Pottawatomie Golf Course in St. Charles.

“Cold months are the ideal time to play indoor virtual golf and perfect your skills,” says Ron Skubisz, course manager and PGA Professional. “Our Foresight GC Quad Launch Simulator, which we tried to launch in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, had an inauspicious beginning. But ever since we opened it up, it has been very popular.”

What are the advantages of a simulator? It is very precise and provides data on ball and swing speed, carry, roll and distance, path, contact and more. All of that information can improve your swing.

“You’ll see your strengths and weaknesses as you work on your irons, woods and hybrid clubs,” says Skubisz. “How are you hitting the ball? Is it dead center? A simulator doesn’t lie. It delivers the truth on club head performance. The ultimate goal, of course, is to achieve better knowledge of your golf game and how to improve it.”

Play the simulator alone or join with one, two or three friends. Choose from 20 of the world’s most challenging and beautiful courses, all faithfully reproduced to deliver a true-to-life simulation.

Virtually play the legendary course at Pebble Beach on the California Monterey Coast or follow the footsteps of legends at the Old St. Andrews links course in Scotland.

Other options include nine-hole courses, swingaway or practice on the virtual driving range.

It takes about an hour for one person to play 18 holes. Add an hour for each playing partner.

“It’s a good deal to play golf when you see 2 inches of snow outside,” Skubisz says.
Of course, those diehards who prefer to be outside can still bundle up and play the nine-hole Pottawatomie course outside until Dec. 23, weather permitting.

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Pottawatomie Golf Course is located at 845 N. Second Ave., St. Charles, (630) 584-8356.