Right-Sized Care for Orthopedic Injuries

When it comes to treating fractures, sports injuries or the results of slips and falls, one’s instinct is to head for the emergency room. But what if there were a different setting available, where you could be seen quickly, avoid filling the hospital, and get affordable care?

Many families are skipping the emergency room and heading straight to the orthopedist, thanks to a growing number of orthopedic urgent care clinics, including Fox Valley Orthopedics’ OrthoFirst clinics in Elgin and Geneva. Locations are open Monday through Saturday.

“We think the last thing busy families want to do is wait around in busy emergency rooms for three, four, five hours and get charged an emergency room deductible, which oftentimes is $500,” says Dr. Vishal Mehta, CEO of Fox Valley Orthopedics. “They can come and see the experts in a much quicker period of time and get charged for a normal office visit.”

Fox Valley Orthopedics additionally provides a full range of services in-house, including consultation with an orthopedic specialist, X-ray and MRI scans on-site, and a full outpatient surgical suite.

Physical therapy often follows, so a full team of specialists is now available at all seven of the group’s clinics.

In addition to experts in sports medicine, full hand therapy and preventative care, the team includes a rheumatologist, pain management specialists, a spine surgeon, a hand surgeon and a total joint replacement specialist.

“We’d like for you to get the right treatment – not overtreatment, not undertreatment, just the right treatment,” says Mehta. “We think that makes a lot of sense, not just for the individual but for society. The cost of health care is growing, and we all pay for it in one way or another, so we think that right-sizing your treatment and taking care of it right away is a good way of taking extra cost out of the system.”

Fox Valley Orthopedics is located in Geneva, Elgin, Barrington and Algonquin, with walk-in care at 1975 Lin Lor Lane and 1710 N. Randall Road in Elgin, and 2535 Soderquist Court and 2525 Kaneville Road in Geneva. Call (630) 584-1400 for an appointment.