Where Do I Focus My Remodeling Budget?

So, you’re ready to remodel. You want something that looks nice but won’t break the bank. But starting out, it’s hard to know what’s even possible.

That’s why it’s important to start your remodeling journey with a trusted, professional kitchen and bath designer.

Good designers use their instincts to tease out details and alternatives most clients hadn’t considered, say Megan Lebar and Kelsey Bechtel, designers at Blue Ribbon Millwork, in Woodstock.

“I love standing in a kitchen with a client and saying, ‘What do you love and what do you hate here? What do you use most in your kitchen? What do you wish you had or wish wasn’t there?’” says Lebar. “Starting with their priorities ensures that we focus their budget on the areas that matter most to them.”

No matter if your budget is high or low, there are some areas where it’s better to make a strong commitment. For Lebar and Bechtel, cabinets are one area where quality should never be sacrificed. Most designers have access to a variety of cabinet lines, each one catering to certain strengths and price points.

If budget is a concern, it’s OK to delay some of the add-ons to your cabinets. Unlike cabinets, appliances or faucets, which are harder to replace over time, accessories can go in any time during the life of the cabinet.

“Focus on the high-quality cabinets first,” adds Bechtel. “We can leave space for future organizational things. Besides, many people aren’t really sure how they want to organize their kitchen, so this gives them time to figure it out.”

Ultimately, home remodeling is about individual taste, and the final product should bring joy to its users – not regrets. Because it’s your home and your living space, it’s important to focus on your own wants, needs and tastes.

“Even when you’re on a budget, don’t neglect your individuality,” adds Lebar. “It’s a beautiful kitchen that fits your home because you’re in it. It’s about you.”

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