Why Settle for Dirty Water from Your Tap?

Most people are aware of the benefits of drinking enough water, but did you know there’s also a lot to be said for getting enough of the right water?

“It’s important to have good, clean water because you only have one body, so it only makes sense to take care of it,” says Paul Durham, co-owner with his son, Joshua, of Affordable Water in Belvidere.

The elder Durham has been in the water business for more than 40 years and has owned his company for half that time. Affordable Water sells and services all brands of water softeners, water heaters, drinking systems, de-chlorinators, and bottled water within a 75-mile radius.

One of the most common problems the Durhams encounter on the job is water with rust and a smell. For clients who draw from a well, there’s also a concern about inconsistent water quality.

“Well water moves 40 to 50 feet up through the earth each day and therefore is changeable,” says Durham. “City water is highly chlorinated, but that doesn’t mean it’s clean. Tankless water heaters will get clogged up if water going through them isn’t clean. All water heaters work more efficiently with conditioned water, heating the water 30% faster.”

There are numerous solutions that can help to overcome these water problems, and an expert water treatment service can help.

Reverse osmosis systems are a chemical-free way to treat water so that it’s ready for drinking and cooking. These systems filter out 90% of all impurities, says Durham.

Water softeners can help to deal with lots of minerals in the water and de-chlorinators can extend the lifespan of a water softener by removing the chlorine that’s in your tap water.

These systems do need periodic maintenance, and a reputable company like Affordable Water can help with service, repairs and filter replacements.

The benefits to drinking better water lie far beyond better taste.

“Drinking filtered water helps eliminate kidney and gall stones and helps prevent a lot of health problems,” says Durham.

Affordable Water is located at 214 W. Menomonie St., in Belvidere, (815) 524-8435.