3 Things to Know About Your Pool

Did you know that simple maintenance, done properly, can seriously extend the life of your pool?
Michele Gill, owner and president of Elite Pools & Spas, in Lake in the Hills, believes it’s the simple things that keep a pool running well for years to come.

“Most people have not been educated or informed on what those things should be,” says Gill. “There’s a lot of misinformation that’s out there, so people are either doing things they shouldn’t, or not doing things they should be.”

The best starting point is to study up. Elite Pools offers in-field and in-store consultations, covering basic steps like operating equipment, opening/closing for the season and vacuuming, but they’ll also help with more complicated tasks like maintaining water quality.

Next, it’s important to know your limits. Not every fix is a simple DIY job.

“I would say it’s time to call in a pro any time you’re dealing with the equipment of your pool,” says Gill.

“When you’re dealing with the filter, the heater, the pool light, and anything electrical, it’s especially important.”

Maintenance isn’t the only time to call the pros. It’s also important before buying a home. A qualified expert can take a deep analysis of the pool. “A home inspector does not have the qualifications to inspect the pool,” Gill adds.

Finally, before you call just any service tech, be sure you’re hiring the right tech. A spiffy website can make a good impression, but it’s more telling if you pick up the phone. Do they answer or call back promptly? Do they leave you feeling confident in their process and their expertise? Are they willing to go the distance?

“It sets the tone for what the customer can expect, so they know that when they call us, we’re going to give them expert advice,” says Gill. “They know we’re going to ask a lot of questions, we’re not going to give them a price without thoroughly evaluating the circumstances, and they’ll also get a thorough contract, in writing, so everything is upfront and transparent. That’s important on both sides of the fence.” ❚

Elite Pools & Spas is located at 9114 Virginia Road, Lake in the Hills, (847) 854-7767.